Welcome Marie!

Marie Fernandez is a Certified Yoga Teacher and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She is currently part of the FTA Team as one of our ambassadors. She will also be a frequent author here in our blog. Here is an introductory excerpt by Marie:

"I teach Yoga with a Capital Y. By this, I focus beyond the physical stretching with Asana and like to also incorporate breathing exercises (also known as Pranayama), meditation, and philosophy to be the best version of yourself.

Although I'm a big advocate for having an active lifestyle, I think Western culture has definitely marketed Yoga to be more about looking good and ridiculously stretchy. Although flexibility and strength --- yes, I say STRENGTH-- is a big component to physically practicing yoga there are so many more layers. 

Personally, I identify as a Movement Specialist while I'm currently pursuing my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Although "the Physical" encompasses a huge role in the Human Movement System, I believe that health is more of a biopsychosocial approach and our patients are not labeled by their diagnosis. We are all people-- simple yet complex humans. With yoga, it’s a similar approach. It's more than physical asana, on a bigger level its the journey of incorporating Wellness as a lifestyle to be the best version of yourself inside and out."


We hope you look forward to her posts as much as we do!

- From Thee Ashes Team